Here at the Cornish Jute Bag Company we supply fairly traded and environmentally friendly Jute bags made from 100% natural materials! Jute is a better version of the more common material hessian, and although both are the same material Jute offers much more in terms of strength, durability and generally makes a better product.


Due to the fact our bags are reusable, recyclable and made from 100% natural fibres, is it any wonder Jute bags have been given the title “Bag for Life”?

We love the fact there is no plastic involved in the finished product and would encourage people to think about how much use these strong and resilient bags have to offer, whether it is for grocery shopping, your gym bag or taking your lunch to work. #OneBagManyUses

We are very excited about the bespoke printing service we offer on most of the bags you can find on our website: Jute, Biodegradable and Paper. Minimum order for bespoke printed Jute bags is now ONLY 50 bags! However, please be aware that we can only print on bags of a certain size, some bags are too small to be viable.

Please see our Bespoke Print range for a full choice of bags suitable for custom printing.

We have now combined our forces with the friendly folk at Carters Packaging in Pool to help enhance the services we can offer.


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