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Firstly, a key bit of information. All jute bags are manufactured abroad, regardless of who sells them in the UK. So an important aspect of importing jute, cotton and juco bags is to regularly review the manufacturer of our bags. Know your team, know their values, ensure consistency and collaborate efficiently. 

We currently work with a manufacturer who has refined the process of creating reliable, quality-driven products over several generations. Their family-run business ensures core values remain at the very heart of their work and we take pride in ensuring our bags come from eco-aware, ethically sustainable sources such as these.

Bag types and styles.

Cornwall Jute Bag Types

Plain jute bags:

Other popular printable favourites:

Juco is now a product only available on pre-order from overseas.

Customising jute, cotton and juco bags in Cornwall just got even easier.

The 'Dinky, ''Mini', 'Square Shopper' and 'Large Rectangular Shopper' jute bags, along with the cotton and juco (jute and cotton mix) bags are available for customised screen-printing. We guarantee these bag types are large enough to ensure a reliable printing result. In our experience, anything smaller sadly provides inconsistent results; the weave of jute is around 3-4mm wide and this can cause serious issues when printing because the ink gets lost in the gaps/can cause segments of a design to look patchy.

Our screen-printing facility here in Cornwall allows us to offer bespoke designs of your own creation on a minimum of 50 x bags (50 x 1 bag type/size, but the colour of the bags may vary if we offer coloured versions). We can offer a quick turnaround and all artwork is reviewed beforehand to ensure a beautiful end result. Artwork adaptions and modifications can be offered for a fee (discussed independently depending on what is required).

Limitations of screen printing.

When screen-printing the physical screens are placed over the bags and cover up to around 2" (50mm) of the printable surface, meaning designs may only extend to within 2" of the edge of the bags. If you wish your design to cover the entirety of the bag (or have printed sides) this will require print to be applied before the bags are stitched together (which only happens when printed overseas). The MOQ for this type of project is 1000 per order. Details below...

Print Enquiries.

We welcome all enquiries and all quotes are provided no-strings. Before you can be priced we will need to know the following details, so please think about these points before contacting us. 

Not sure about any of this? No problem at all, we can help guide you through the process and help get your designs ready to go. If the design work is considered substantial, we will discuss a fee (upfront with no obligation).

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