Privacy Policy

Data Usage:

We do not share your information with third parties.

Cookie Usage:

We use two Cookies on the site, the first is a session cookie needed for essential operation of the site ( not used for tracking ) and the second is for Google Analytics which collects anonymous information about traffic to the site - it cannot be used to single you out or profile you in any way. These two cookies are compliant with the EU cookie law. We do not make use of third party cookies. For more information about Google Analytics click here.

Reporting Abuse:

Please email: to report any abuse in relation to our business. We will ensure it is dealt with in the correct manner. This includes unwanted email, emails sent in error and if you would like to inform us about a feature you have experienced trouble with.

Automated Services:

We do use certain features and services to help streamline our workflow and provide a professional service for our customers. This includes the use of certain automated systems to help create and manage email distribution BUT ONLY TO CUSTOMERS. We will only email you if you have signed up for our newsletter (during online registration to website) or if you have either been a customer who requires order updates, invoices and other important account based documentation, or you are going to use our website, call us for an enquiry or generally become a new customer who will require some form of communication service to stay in touch. If at any point you are unsatisfied or unhappy with the form of communication and would like to discuss other ways in which this can occur. Please either email: or call our office on 01209 204 777.