Jute Bags | Plain Bag Collection

Jute bags are rapidly becoming the go-to option for long-lasting carrier bags. Their reusability means customers, business owners and the general public can take positive action against the over-consumption of single-use, throwaway products. Now when you purchase a bag from a retailer or sell a branded bag to a customer, you can feel better about helping reduce waste, saving energy on recycling and be confident the bags won't split half-way across the car park!

Our plain collection of jute bags represents all of our jute bags and is aimed at those not interested in having them printed.

New options coming soon!

We will be adding a variety of new colour designs, especially in the 'Mini' and 'Square Shopper' sizes soon. Frustratingly the COVID19 has caused major disruption in the production of bags and shipping etc. Rest assured, as soon as they become ready they will be published on our site.

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